Barbara Fores El Templari

Barbara Fores El Templari

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These wines represent the pinnacle of the Barbara Fores vineyard. Delicious Spanish reds, aged to perfection.

  • Grape: Garnacha & Morenillo blend
  • Flavours: Raspberry, cherry, pepper and licorice
  • Region: Terra Alta, Spain
  • Serve with: beef, pasta, chicken or veal
  • 14% alcohol 
Master Sommelier's notes

El Templari Morenillo-Garnacha 2012
This is probably the only wine in the world made from a blend of Grenache and Morenillo, a local red variety that some years ago was on the brink of extinction and was rediscovered by Bàrbara Forés. The Morenillo grape, which is perfectly adapted to the harsh climatic conditions of Terra Alta, produces aromatic wines with a supple body, light colour and very good acidity. These wines are not overpowering, but gentle and mild. So, in a way, this is rebuilding a connection to the land that was somehow severed over the course of time. This aim is also symbolised in the name of the wine, a reference to the Templar knights that inhabited the region many centuries ago.

As for the winemaking process of Bàrbara Forés El Templari 2016, the grapes were handpicked and separately vinified in stainless steel tanks. The process lasted 35 days for the Morenillo, and 28 for the Grenache. Before bottling, the wine was aged for 13 months in French oak barrels from Allier.

The winery

A visit to Barbara Fores is a family experience. Mari Carmen De Bàrbara Forés is the mother and matriarch of the winery. A skilled hand shown through the balance, depth, complexity and purity across the range of wines. The wines carry with them personality reflecting the character of each of the vineyards. Indigenous varieties such as the red grape variety Morenillo, are seeing a renaissance thanks to the efforts of people like Mari. To show the importance and character of the indigenous grapes versus the more commercial varieties, which have been planted in recent years

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