Patrick Two Blocks Pinot Noir

Patrick Two Blocks Pinot Noir

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Two-Blocks Pinot Noir is a savoury, intriguing and elegant wine from the up-and-coming winemaking region of Mount Gambier - one of the newest named regions in Australia.

  • Grape: Pinot Noir
  • Region: Mount Gambier, South Australia
  • Winemaker:  Luke Tocaciu
  • Alcohol 13.8%
  • Patrick is a member of Sustainable Growing Australia - they compost all winery waste on site, have Guinea Fowl living amongst the vines who clean up bugs and pests, naturally, Sheep graze in the vineyard to eliminate herbicide and fertizlier use, bees are kept on the property, native cover crops are grown, and biological pest management is employed. The vineyard is also home to incredible rare Southern-Eastern Red-Tailed Black Cockatoo, sadly there are only 1,500 of these in the wild. 
About the winemaker

During a decorated career spanning more than three decades, Patrick Tocaciu received international accolades while working as head winemaker for several major labels. His focus then switched to fulfilling a more personal goal with the establishment of the family owned and operated Patrick of Coonawarra in 2004. Patrick’s eldest son, Luke, has now taken over the family business and continues to produce highly regarded wines from the famed Terra Rossa soils of Coonawarra.

The guiding principle in both the vineyards and winery is that the most natural path from grape to glass will ultimately provide the best wine, and that the more natural solution to any challenge or issue gives the best chance of being able to produce wines well into the future. All winery waste is composted on site, and wildlife plays a key part in the health of the vineyard: a flock of guinea fowl live amongst the vines all year round cleaning up any bugs and pests, sheep graze through the vineyard, eliminating herbicide and fertiliser use and cleaning up the grass under vine, and bees are kept around the property. Native cover crops are grown to prevent erosion, suppress weeds and provide nutrition, and biological pest management is employed - such as wasps and beneficial bacteria application.

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